Design value and intervene at scale in complex health and social ecosystems

We help industry (pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, health IT), provider, government and social innovation organisations to address complex health and social systemic problems through a blend of ecosystem and design thinking methodologies.

We provide deep problem learning, design novel perspectives, define opportunities, identify differentiated value propositions, shape ecosystem strategy, craft high-evidence business / value models, and co-create concepts and solutions that scale in complex health and social ecosystems. 

Learn the problem first, then design

Our clients deploy us at an early-stage, prior to making commitment or investment in new technologies, solutions or systems. With Umio, they acquire deep ecosystem opportunity and problem learning before designing or creating solutions. This reduces risk, adds certainty and drives organisational, investor and partner consensus and commitment towards co-creating the right solutions. It also provides a future view allowing them to create a wider, more relevant strategic frame for ongoing value co-creation.

Find out more about our approach - which we call Health Value Design® - using the links on this page. 

Ecosystem thinking - evolved

Our approach has been deployed successfully in multiple complex health and social problem areas for the past ten years. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions. Read about our example projects.

Through ongoing adaptation, our thinking and frameworks have evolved into the advanced approach we use today. Read some of the very positive feedback we receive from our clients.

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