An advanced framework for designing value and transforming outcomes in health ecosystems

Health Value Design® is Umio's proprietary approach for designing value, shaping ecosystem strategy and co-creating novel solutions that address complex health and social problems, leading to improved outcomes for all actors. 

Health Value Design® explores complex problem situations through a deep natural ecosystems lens. Applying concepts from nature such as ecosystem hierarchies, resource sharing, service provisioning, diversity and adaptive capacity, we provide a  powerful novel framework for understanding complex problems, finding hidden opportunities and designing smarter and more sustainable interventions. 

Each Umio program is tailored to the problem situation. We map the problem space deeply, capture the ideal future, find hidden opportunity patterns and re-imagine valid, desirable and feasible possibilities (what we call Value Frames). We shape ecosystem strategy, scope interventions and co-create solutions.

Our clients deploy Umio and Health Value Design® at an early-stage, prior to making commitment or investment in new technologies, solutions or systems. This reduces risk, adds certainty and drives organisational, investor and partner consensus towards a solution.

The approach is not limited to product- and experience-design but rather deploys a whole systems view using multiple design approaches appropriate to the problem. It is an advanced problem learning and value design system that is agnostic to any type of product, solution or technology.

Health Value Design® has been deployed successfully in multiple complex health and social problem areas for the past ten years. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions (see our example projects). 

Through ongoing adaptation, Health Value Design® has evolved into the advanced approach we use today. Read some of the feedback we receive from our clients.

Example Umio Value Design Map

One of the outputs of the Umio approach is a Value Design Map such as the one shown below for the shifting of a centralised treatment service to the home of patients. Each Map is informed by deep insight into ecosystem problem contexts, trends, actor segments, diversity, resources and cost and outcome improvements, and defines a transformational path consisting of multiple linked ecosystem value propositions and interventions.

Example Umio Value Design Map

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Now more than ever before, health and social ecosystems demand advanced capabilities for framing complex problems, finding improvement or transformational opportunities, designing compelling value propositions, developing organisational and ecosystem strategy and co-creating valued social, product, technology and service solutions. If you wish to design and deliver superior value and innovate outcomes in your ecosystem, contact us today to learn how we can help.