Intervene at Scale in Complex Health Markets and Ecosystems - Sustainably

Health Value Design® is our acclaimed approach for:

  • Defining markets as ecosystems of multiple actors
  • Determining what customers and all actors want, their performance gaps, issues and desired outcomes
  • Identifying novel and hidden value creation opportunities
  • Segmenting actors into clusters of opportunity
  • Shaping ecosystem growth and innovation strategy
  • Building ecosystem-aligned business and commercial models as well as organisations, and
  • Designing new and/or refining existing technologies, solutions and interventions

We shift your strategic focus from technology or product, to ecosystem, value

As health systems buckle under increasing demands and resource pressures, payers and approvers are applying more stringent value-based criteria to new technologies and interventions. More than ever, solutions must satisfy the often conflicting needs and drivers of all actors in a defined health ecosystem, across multiple value dimensions not just clinical outcomes and cost.

The result? There is a pressing need to deploy more advanced, systemic value-based innovation and design approaches to drive more sustainable growth and product strategies.

Health Value Design® is a unique blend of ecosystem principles, advanced innovation process and design thinking

Our Health Value Design® approach meets that demand. We help you define your target ecosystem, identify actor problems, constraints and unmet needs deeply, find hidden opportunities, and then support you to design valid, desirable and feasible propositions. We shape ecosystem growth strategy, scope interventions and co-create or refine your solutions and technologies..

Health Value Design® reduces risk, adds certainty and drives organisational, investor and partner focus to creating the right ecosystem strategies, technologies and interventions. It is an advanced value design system that is agnostic to any type of product, solution or technology or indeed, any health market or context.

Example Health Ecosystem Strategy Map (Cardiac Disease Monitoring)

Achieving sustained ecosystem impact

Health Value Design® has been deployed successfully in multiple complex health ecosystems for the past ten years. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, surgical, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions (see our example projects).  Through ongoing adaptation, Health Value Design® has evolved into the advanced approach we use today. Read some of the very positive feedback we receive from our clients.

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