Umio is a health and social ecosystem design and innovation company

We help industry (pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, health IT), provider, government and social innovation organisations to address complex health and social problems through a unique, practical blend of applied natural ecosystem concepts, early-stage innovation process and advanced strategic design thinking methodologies.

Over the past 10 years, we have mapped deep problems, framed novel perspectives, defined numerous opportunities, designed differentiated value propositions, shaped ecosystem strategy, crafted high-evidence business / value models, and co-created concepts and solutions in many complex health and social problem areas. These include obesity, infection prevention, diabetes, diabetic foot, elderly care, mental health, neonatal complications and in multiple long-term chronic conditions (see our example projects). 

Whether you are looking to ...

  • ... define your target health or social ecosystem
  • ... understand a complex problem deeply
  • ... find novel product, technology, strategic or system innovation and design opportunities
  • ... create new, or assess the potential of existing ideas and concepts
  • ... shape your future ecosystem access or intervention strategy
  • ... co-create valued solutions, or ... 
  • ... formulate a solid value, business case or change model ...

... we can help you make your ecosystem design and intervention decisions with high confidence, strong stakeholder commitment and mitigated risk.


We work globally. Umio HQ is located in Oxford, UK. Our US office is in Cambridge, MA.

We provide advanced thinking, breakthrough concepts and practical frameworks for the design of superior value and transformation of complex problems in health and social ecosystems

Now more than ever before, designers, innovators and their organisations need advanced capabilities for understanding complex problems, finding improvement or transformational opportunities, designing compelling value propositions, developing ecosystem strategy and co-creating valued social, product, technology and service solutions. If you wish to design and deliver superior value and innovate outcomes in your ecosystem, contact us today to learn how we can help.