With UMIO, medtech, pharma, digital health, IT and service innovators are better able to design and transform value in health ecosystems and practices, and deliver superior outcomes.

"It was important we put into place a driver of a different way of thinking. UMIO made a lot of people think differently about user needs. it allowed different parts of the organisation to come together and understand users in a different way, leading to the successful development of several new ostomy care products." 


Global R&D Manager, Coloplast.

"I have never seen anything more actionable in this field. The team at UMIO delivered on time and on budget, with the final product being the best piece of pre-business planning a company could hope for. Their ability to depict and model an opportunity from all angles is quite simply phenomenal. An outstanding piece of work."


VP, Global Marketing, Systagenix

"UMIO deliver great tools for those looking to ensure their new product development, commercial and design path is right from the start ... if not earlier."


Global Diabetes Director, Sanofi.